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To encourage photographers to record Surrey DA Events, the Photo Album Trophy was introduced. If you would like to contribute to Surrey DA’s modern history, you can, by sending copies of your pictures to the DA’s Albums. A team will search through all your photographs for the year’s Best Photograph.

Surrey DA Photo Album Trophy - Rules

  1. The Photo must be of D.A. Members, a D.A. site or D.A. activity, but could be at any D.A. camp, social event, Regional or National event during the year (from 1st January until 31st December each year).
  2. The winner of the trophy must be a regular Surrey D.A. member.
  3. The Photo must be no bigger than 6 ½” x 4 ½” (165 x 115mm) not smaller than 5" x 3" (125mm x 75mm). It can be colour or black and white.
  4. Digital Images may be entered by email to the SDA Album Keeper; emails to Ros Russell <click this link>.

Tech Stuff; Please use the JPG image file format (Most digital cameras, iPhones, iPads, etc., use this file format). Please keep image file size to a max of 5mb. When sending a number of photos together, please keep the ‘zip’ file to a max size of 20mb - anything bigger and most email services will not transmit it.   

  1. If suitable, the winning photo will go in the D.A. Album, at the Album Keepers & Chairman’s discretion.
  2. The copyright of the photos remains with the taker, of course but all images submitted may be included in the D.A. Album and/or on the SDA Website. -Strictly for SDA promotional purposes only
  3. The Judges to consist of the Chairman, the Album Keeper and the winner of last year’s Photo competition.
  4. The winner to receive the trophy at the Surrey D.A. A.G.M. or at another suitable venue, at the D.A.’s choice and the winner may keep the trophy for 1 year.
  5. The picture will be judged on subject matter, not necessarily photographic expertise.

SDA Trophy Competitions

If you would like to download a copy of the Rules for the Surrey DA Competitions <click> on the links below;

<Surrey DA Competitions - PDF File Format>



The Beacon Newsletter ceased publication in March 2015 however to encourage folk to share their camping experiences, The Beacon Trophy is now being awarded annually to the ‘best newsworthy reports’ submitted to the Surrey DA Website - competition is run each year from 1st January until 31st December.

If you would like a chance to proudly display the Beacon Trophy in your ‘Trophy Cabinet’ for the year, write to us, adding some photos and you could be next winner…   

Beacon Trophy, New Competition - Rules

1 The Beacon Trophy is to be awarded annually at the Surrey DA AGM to the person who, in the judge’s opinion, submits the best individual newsworthy report, or consistently submits newsworthy reports, for inclusion on the Surrey DA Website, during the year.

2 For your contributions to the Website News Pages to be considered in the Beacon Trophy Competition you must be a member, or ‘opted in’ member, of the Surrey District Association.

3 The content of reports should be related to Surrey DA events, Regional, or National Camping events. Newsworthy reports from all Camping related events will also be considered, including Camping and Caravanning Club managed International Events however;

4 Space on the Website is limited, so compact newsworthy reports will receive the best ‘scores’. Again, with limited space available, it was decided, long and rambling personal holiday memories are generally of limited interest to the wider readership and sadly can’t be included.

o (Tech stuff) Acceptable file types; Stories should be submitted in Microsoft Word file format but other Windows compatible File Formats can be accepted (We’ll let you know if we can’t handle your contribution). Image Files are best submitted in JPG file format (the same format as used in virtually every Camera, i-phone, i-pad, etc.) Please keep individual image file sizes below 5 mb as larger files may not transmit via the internet mailing services. Also when ‘zipping’ files together please remember, most mail boxes limit individual file size to less than 20 mb.

5 The judges will be comprised of the Chairman, Surrey DA Webmaster and the previous winner of the Beacon Trophy. The judges’ decision is final.

6 Newsworthy stories from your camping adventures should be sent to the Surrey DA Website via the webmaster’s direct contact email address;                emails to David Croney <click this link >

7 Please remember to attach the text document to your email, together with any related photos and we will endeavour to add all your stories, with pictures, to the Website News Pages as soon we can.

So, how about sorting through your camping photos, then writing to us about your camping experiences, or if you’ve yet to have an adventure, hang your camera around your neck, pop a pen and notepad in your pocket, taking pictures and making notes, when you’re next out and about…

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