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News and Views Year 2018…

Technical Information

From time to time the Club produces Technical Information and Documents in response to Members requests for information and to keep us up-to-date with Government Legislation related to Camping and Caravanning, towing regulations, etc.

There’s two ways to be informed; first you can visit the Club’s Technical Web page <Click this link> and you can view/download a copy of the Club Technical Sub-Committee’s latest News Bulletin here:-

Spring Bank Holiday THS at Clymping - 2018

We arrived on Thursday and had the pick of the field to camp.  Our steward showed us to the pitch we had chosen and we set to putting up our awning .  We were allowed to save a pitch for our friends, who were arriving Friday afternoon, by that evening the site was filling up.  I did like the idea which the stewards arranged, that all members who had bothered to book had an edge pitch and the un-booked were asked nicely to pitch in the middle of the field.


It was a very hot weekend which sparked of some heavy rain and storms.  The bake it or fake it was a great success raising money for the Chairman’s charity. We all had plenty of tea and cakes sitting in the hot afternoon sun.  Again on B/H Monday a coffee morning with a raffle and the sun was very warm.  Unfortunately the weather decided to take a down turn (which in this country it the norm) and the following couple of days were cooler and slightly wet.

In all a very relaxing seven days, which we needed after the previous weekend where we had been very busy working at the very successful South Eastern Region’s 70th Anniversary event.  

At this point can I just make a comment? At camp there were many pet owners who controlled their pet’s and had them on leads and exercised them off site. Unfortunately I had to remind some members to put their roaming pets on leads. As far as I am aware club rules are; pets on leads at all times (with leads no longer than 6’) and when pets are in their awning the animal should not be able to roam further than that awning exit on its lead. Some members do need to be reminded of this rule, I am sorry to say.

Sue Moore

Whitsun at Climping Temporary Holiday Site

(Stewards’ Report)

We arrived to find the field clean, nicely mowed, thistles removed and it had been rolled to remove any horse hoof prints.

Karen had also taken out the fence to extend the field, installed a tap halfway along the field and elsan container in the stable yard so no long walks to the CS disposal point this year

The Bank holiday weekend was a scorcher and we welcomed 34 units, not only from our Region (East Sussex, South Downs, not to mention Surrey) also from Southern Region, but also Essex, Bedfordshire and Oxford.

Sunday’s “Bake it or Fake it” was well attended with some home (caravan) baked presentations. Tea and cake sales raised over £60 for the Chairman’s Charity.  Evening entertainment included the sighting of the space station as it flew over.

Monday we had a coffee morning, with the remaining cakes, and the raffle raised more funds.

We missed the storms that circled around over the weekend, but watched the light show, and heard about the flash flooding in Littlehampton only a mile away!

Around a dozen units stayed on for the week, and we had a steady turnaround during the week, included DA members from Dorset, Wilts and Yorkshire visiting our area.

We had a wet day in the week but the field drained well, and cleared for our final weekend.  As well as weather watching, we spotted a baby owl on the barn roof and watched a family of Gold crest’s feeding in the long grass.

Our last arrival by motorbike from Germany came in on Saturday evening, having crossed to Harwich in the morning, been on the London Eye, and then made it via Brighton to Climping for the night!  He planned to follow the coast road to Lands End, going via Bristol to Wales for a ferry to Ireland, to visit Cork and Dublin, not forgetting the coast road, crossing back via Anglesey for the trip home, phew!

A big “Thank You” to all that camped and made the holiday site a success.

Allen & Ros

Our Son Alan asked if we could open the site on Thursday as the stewards were unable to arrive until Friday.

We arrived just before 12 midday and were welcomed to the site by Karen the owner and showed into the field.  What a lovely field it was, the grass was cut, a view across the fields of the South Downs and the sun was shining, what a good start!

By Thursday evening we had three units on site. Then Friday more arrived. By lunch time we handed over to the stewards. By Friday evening campers were getting together in groups with their BBQ’s.

The site owner was very particular that club rules were to be adhered to.  They had cut roadways around the edge of their fields and we were allowed to walk around them.  The far field, although we were allowed to walk around it, we were not allowed to walk down the wide path in the middle. This is used as a runway for Peter (the owner) and their friends’ aeroplanes.  Unfortunately this air strip was not used during the weekend.  Down the road was another airstrip where, during our stay, many gliders were taking off and circling our field.

Members visited The Raysted Animal Sanctuary, Bently Wild Fowl Trust and Motor  Museum all of which are not far from the site.

The only down side for me was, most of the weekend I suffered with Hay Fever as the fields around the site were almost two feet high in grass, going to seed. I would definitely go again but perhaps not in June, maybe later in the year?

Susan Moore

Oakside Farm, Ringmer - June 2018

Surrey DA members celebrate 50 Years with the Camping Club

Congratulations go to Miss J Jordan, Mrs J Stratton, Mr & Mrs N Mason and Mr & Mrs R Simpkins who have all qualified for their 50 year Badges and Certificates. Lucy and Neil Mason are past members of the Surrey DA committee.

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