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News and Views 2016

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Three Surrey DA Couples - 50 Years of Membership

On the 15th March 2016 three Surrey D.A. Couples were invited to Club HQ at Coventry, to receive their Awards and Certificates for having completed 50 years of continuous Membership of the Club.

From right to left; Gillian & Bernard Davey, Pat & Tony Mills, Jenny & David Croney.

The invitation to Club Head Quarters included a tour of the Club building and a very tasty Lunch.

Other SDA members also achieving 50 years membership in 2016 are;

Mr & Mrs Gillies, Mr & Mrs Willcox and

Mr & Mrs Worron


2016 May Bank Holiday at Pierrepont Farm, Tilford

A very enjoyable five day Bank Holiday weekend meet at this picturesque site.

Although the weather started with a cold wind and a few wintery showers, it did improve steadily throughout the weekend.

A surprising number of arrivals relied on Satnavs which had obviously not heard of this location, sending some along narrow lanes, unsurfaced roads, and through fords, or into the farm yard some ½ mile away. I still don’t think you can beat a map reference and the “Out and About” Club Meets directions to ensure a safe arrival.

Many visited the Rural Crafts Museum next door and the nearby newly refurbished garden centre and camp shop also did a good trade.

Saturday, we met for the DA AGM which was well attended and went very smoothly, all questions in the open forum being quickly answered so we could get on with the important business of tea and biscuits.

A cake with candle was presented to Irene Cole who was celebrating her special birthday at the AGM.

On Sunday, after an early visit to the boot fair where some found those bargains that they didn’t even know they needed, the farm offered the chance to watch the automatic unmanned milking machines in action and to see the new born calves.  For some this meant enduring a visit to the Frensham micro brewery that is also housed in the farm yard.

Although only 14 units on site, it was good to see so many young children playing happily together, which is, after all, what DA camping is all about.

Allen & Ros Russell

We got the tent camping equipment out of the loft and loaded it into the car.  The weather forecast was not promising but we hoped we would see lots of tent camping members at Tilford Nature Resereve.  

By 1pm only two units sat in the clearing, in the woods. A lot later another unit arrived.  We helped them put their frame tent up then had tea.  The children had been out collecting wood for the bonfire. In the evening we lit the bonfire and sat around chatting and helping the children with their melted marshmallows on sticks.

The following morning the children played in the woods while we relaxed in the sun.  To our delight Gary arrived with his Trailer Tent. During the afternoon a group of campers walked down to the river and along to the little farm to have a look at the pigs and sheep.

Again the children collected wood for the fire with help from their Dads. Then in the evening we all sat around the bonfire.

Sunday morning we were awakened by the church bells ringing and the sun shining.  After breakfast the all the Dads took the children to Tilford Green, just a short walk through the woods.  The children and the men had great fun paddling in the river by the village green.

Unfortunately there were not many campers. Perhaps the weather forecast put them off but they missed an enjoyable weekend.  Hope to see more campers next year.

Sue Moore

Tenting at Tilford - May 2016