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News and Views - 2016

Page 6



Graffham Club Site - Pre-season CC works 2016

Graffham Pre-season working party and

Country Side Care March 2016

Seven units from our Region and seven from Norman Hemsley’s HQ Country Side Care team arrived on the Friday and more than half stayed for the whole week.

Much work was needed to be done on this wooded site. A couple of trees, which had fallen onto pitches during the previous winter storms, had to be cut up and moved.

Next most of the volunteers set to, to rake and clear the winter debris from the camping pitches and cut back encroaching Rhododendrons. The Roads and pathways, including the toilet blocks were swept and were made tidy.

Then with their chainsaws, Norman’s team started cutting back the Rhododendrons along the roadways and around camping pitches, improving access around the site and into the pitches.

Some volunteers repaired the dead hedging boundary fencing, others tried to clear the ditch at the bottom of the site. Unfortunately, the ditch now needs the aid of mechanical diggers to re-cut the ditches deeper, which is much needed, to improve proper site drainage.

All in all, everyone worked hard and we achieved a lot, which satisfyingly showed at the end of the week .

Sue Moore

Country Side Care Officer for South Eastern Region.    

Norman’s Team on a Tea Break!

Easter 2016 - The Forest of Dean

Now that we’re retired, we decided to go further afield for our Easter break. So on Ash Wednesday we set off for the Forest of Dean. We had a few hold ups on the M25 but once we were on the M4 we sailed along and arrived at the site by 2pm in glorious sun shine.

We pitched the caravan, then made a cup of tea by which time Jen & Dave had arrived, 5pm both our awnings were up and dinner cooked.

We awoke to rain on the next morning, so the four of us went into Coleford for provisions and a stroll around the town, later that evening Colin and Mary arrived.

We visited Symons Yat on the River Wye. We took the pathway up to the Symons Rock view point, which was about 500 feet high. Many twitchers were there, looking at the pair of Perriguin Falcons nesting on the rocks below.

From there we drove down to the River Wye at Symons Yat and walked along the bank.

Dead Tree stump Carving has been taken to new levels here!

We stopped for a while to watch the local Fire Brigade carrying out practise wild water rescues over the rapids.

The next day we visited the ruins of Tintern Abby and Mill and visited the gift shops, where I bought a souvenir of the holiday. Tintern Abby is a very large ruin and very impressive.

Near by the camp site are the Clearwell Mines, where took a tour around the caves and caverns hewn out by hand, by the Iron Ore Miners. The mines were started thousands of years ago and were still producing Iron Ore up until the beginning of the 20th Century. We all found it very interesting.

Monday Colin and Mary set off for home and we took down our awnings, as they were almost dry. Later in the afternoon the four of us went for a walk in the forest, where we saw signs of wild Boar and of Deer.

Sadly, there were also many signs of dog walkers leaving their mark. That is the one thing I found not so good about the Forest of Dean, hundreds of owners, each with 2 or 3 dogs. Obviously a doggy wonderland but not to every ones liking.

Sue Moore

Simons Rock View point..

The River Wye - Simons Yat

The Clearwell Caves

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