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News and Views - 2015

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The Surrey DA’s Pennant got its first airing this year and alongside it were our two new ‘feather’ flags adding some extra colour to the view.

The weekend didn’t get off to a good start, with over an inch of rain falling within daylight hours. (That’s 2.5cm to the converted).

A hardy few braved the elements Thursday and were later rewarded with a bright and sunny weekend.



Bucherlands Farm, Ebernoe

(21-25 May) was the venue for Surrey DA’s Big Camping Bake Off. - The rules were very simple; Bring the ingredients of your chosen Cake Recipe with you. Mix and prepare your cake, then bake it within your Unit.

The cooks donated some of their cakes to be sold, with the proceeds going to the Chairman’s Charity - AGSD (Association for Glycomic Storage Disease).

Riverside Farm - 14th - 17th May 2015 - Saturday kept its promise of sunshine and a gentle breeze. The Surrey DA Challenge this year was a tactical skittles game from Finland “MolkKy.” Some initially reluctant spectators soon decided taking part in the challenge was indeed a challenge. Fortunes were won and lost (points, that is…) and spectators were glued to their seats as the games progressed. The Challenge Trophy winner was Keith, new to camping with the Surreys, although a Club member for many years.

Everyone at some point during the weekend, set off walking, or cycling, local foot paths and the route of the disused railway - now part of the Nation’s Cycle Ways.

Wandering around the fields adjoining the camping site, I chanced upon a bridge spanning the river, part of the disused railway network Mr Beeching axed in the nineteen sixties. Its quite unique, in that there is one bridge built on top of another - apparently, not because the original brick built bridge was in anyway weak or inferior, it was because it was about 16 feet (4 metres) too low!! (I wonder who picked up the bill for that monumental cock-up???)

By Saturday late afternoon with the sun shining, we all gathered in the middle of the field for an impromptu barbecue and ‘street party.’ Tables were lined up and decked with food and drink. Barbecues stoked and lots of tasty things cooked (some slightly more than others - when its black its done..)

It was getting quite dark by the time everyone decided to call time on their extended dinners and headed back to their Units. A magical evening of great food, great company and lively banter… That’s what ‘Social Camping’ is all about.

Sunday morning, the traditional, coffee morning and another chance to chat and catch up with all the events of the weekend. Without exception, everyone commented on how nice the site was and ‘are we booking it again next year?’ (That’s one for our Sites Secretary!)

With great reluctance we finally packed and headed for home late Sunday afternoon - a great weekend was indeed had by all.

Jenny & Dave

(Pictures from the weekend can be seen in the ‘Gallery’)