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News and Views - Year 2017

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The Surrey DA Meet and Annual General Meeting at Pierrepont Farm

The Surrey DA Annual General Meeting was held at Pierrepont Farm on Saturday 29th April and commenced a little after 2 pm. The meeting was well attended and included the South Eastern Region Vice-Chairman, Harry Leach. The chairman Carol Harris welcomed us all and asked us to observe a few moments silence in remembrance of Surrey members no longer with us. The chairman read her report and concluded by congratulating a number of members reaching ‘milestone’ birthdays.

<Click this link to download the Officers’ Reports>

The Secretary, Allan Russell, read his report to the meeting – a copy of which will be added later.

Jenny Croney, Treasurer also read her report and explained details of the DA’s income and expenditure through the year. The ‘looking forward’ part of her report, new to AGM reports, included Surrey DA’s 100th Anniversary in 2021. Although a good way off, we are encouraged to start thinking about how we would like to celebrate this amazing achievement.

The other committee officers’ written reports were accepted ‘as presented’ with just one update from the Sites Officers. Coren & Alan Moore; Maplehurst was a new site to SDA in 2016 and has been included in the 2017 events.

Notices of appointments included the re-election of Mary & Arthur Brown as President and Vice-President of Surrey DA. Jenny Croney was appointed Treasurer by the outgoing Committee, also Alan & Coren Moore were announced as Youth Leaders, also appointed by the outgoing committee.

The elected Committee remains as last year, without any new appointments. Allen & Ros Russell, Jenny Croney and Carol Harris were each due to retire and volunteered for re-election.

The next Annual General Meeting will be held either Saturday 28th, or Sunday 29th April 2018. The time and venue will be confirmed later.

The Open Forum, following the AGM was a lively affair, starting with the competition trophy presentations. Alan Moore was presented with the Surrey DA Boule Trophy (1). Robert Moore was announced as winner of the Challenge Trophy (winner of the Horseshoes competition).  Sue Moore was presented with the Beacon Trophy (2) as best contributor to the Surrey DA Website ‘News’ pages. Peter & Irene

Cole were presented, by the chairman, with a beautiful flowering pot plant (3) on reaching their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Following the presentations there were announcements from the Secretary Allan Russell and SER Vice Chairman Harry Leach, promoting the SER Anniversary Meet and THS. The NFOL 2017, being hosted by the SE Region at Hickstead also received a mention, together with requests for volunteers to assist with stewarding the Region’s THS at Maplehurst. (Further details can be found on the South Eastern Region and NFOL websites).  


Following the AGM and Open Forum the Surrey DA Committee held a meeting to elect it’s Officers. The positions held by the committee members all remain as last year with Carol Harris as Chairman, Coren Moore – vice-chairman, Allen Russell – Secretary, Jenny Croney Treasurer, Ros Russell – appointed Regional Councillor, Alan & Coren - joint Sites Officers, Peter Cole – Countryside Care Officer, David Croney – webmaster. Other posts held by committee members are; Allen – PRO, Jenny – Regalia & Equipment, Ros & Allen – Photo Album keepers.

Editor…         (Pierrepont Farm pictures in the Gallery - Click picture on Left to view)

(1) Alan - The Boule Trophy winner

(2) Sue - Beacon Trophy Winner

(3) Peter & Irene - 50th Anniversary

Pierrepont Pics

May Bank Holiday at Pierrepont Farm

When we arrived on Friday there were only eight units on site. By the end of the day many more had ventured out, even though the weather forecast was not good.

On Saturday Surrey DA held their AGM, with all reports agreed on by the campers they went on to present the annual awards.

Alan Moore won the Boule shield, Robert Moore won the Challenge Shield for horse shoes and Sue Moore won the Web reporting Beacon Trophy. Us Moore’s do like to do our best.  Unfortunately, the photograph trophy was not awarded as Ros did not receive any photos, from us campers, to go into the Surrey DA’s album. Please remember to let Ros have some this year.

Campers mostly did their own thing, going to places of interest or down to Perripont Farm to see the cows being milked.  You now can buy fresh milk from the farm which is really thick and creamy.  Some members managed to walk to Frencham Little pond. There were many children on site this weekend and they all played together very nicely, which was a pleasure to see.

Monday we had heavy showers which made majority of campers depart after coffee morning but a good weekend was had by one and all.

Sue Moore

<Click this link for the full

Pierrepont Farm Picture Gallery>