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News and Views - Year 2018

Page 11

Our Son Alan asked if we could open the site on Thursday as the stewards were unable to arrive until Friday.

We arrived just before 12 midday and were welcomed to the site by Karen the owner and showed into the field.  What a lovely field it was, the grass was cut, a view across the fields of the South Downs and the sun was shining, what a good start!

By Thursday evening we had three units on site. Then Friday more arrived. By lunch time we handed over to the stewards. By Friday evening campers were getting together in groups with their BBQ’s.

The site owner was very particular that club rules were to be adhered to.  They had cut roadways around the edge of their fields and we were allowed to walk around them.  The far field, although we were allowed to walk around it, we were not allowed to walk down the wide path in the middle. This is used as a runway for Peter (the owner) and their friends’ aeroplanes.  Unfortunately this air strip was not used during the weekend.  Down the road was another airstrip where, during our stay, many gliders were taking off and circling our field.

Members visited The Raysted Animal Sanctuary, Bently Wild Fowl Trust and Motor  Museum all of which are not far from the site.

The only down side for me was, most of the weekend I suffered with Hay Fever as the fields around the site were almost two feet high in grass, going to seed. I would definitely go again but perhaps not in June, maybe later in the year?

Susan Moore

Oakside Farm, Ringmer - June 2018

Surrey DA members celebrate 50 Years with the Camping Club

Congratulations go to Miss J Jordan, Mrs J Stratton, Mr & Mrs N Mason and Mr & Mrs R Simpkins who have all qualified for their 50 year Badges and Certificates. Lucy and Neil Mason are past members of the Surrey DA committee.

Strawberry Teas At Maplehurst – 14th July 2018

We arrived on site about 12 Frank had just arrived as well. We got about setting up the caravan then stop for lunch. It started to get hot so we put the awnings up. Now it was time to relax some units started to arrive by evening we had 7 units.

Friday was a relaxing day some people went out to explore. We had units arriving by evening we had 17 units, 4 of the units were camping with Surrey's for the first time and they were friends from different D A's we found an area for them pitch altogether. We made them welcome.

Saturday We were just up when a small Motorhome arrived making 18 units in all. After breakfast Sue set off to Sainsbury's to get the Strawberries Scones and Cream. Another lazy morning reading the newspapers. Had lunch then we set about with helpers getting Strawberries and Scones ready for the tea Sue went home to whisk up the cream. Soon it was time to set the tables and umbrellas up. We served 39 Adults and 11 Children for the Strawberry Tea which everyone enjoyed and feeling very full.

Sunday Another hot day. We got ready for the coffee morning some units had already left. We were given a Lemon cake from Emma she had made it to share with their friends
they were so full after the wonderful Strawberry Tea. We cut it up for the Coffee morning it was delicious. Had a good gathering and it was nice to sit and chat. Some units started to leave. We sat and enjoyed the weather. Soon it was time to pack up and we left at 4 after an enjoyable weekend. Thank You all for coming.

Ruby and Chris.

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