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Rena Causer

It is with great sadness we report the passing of Rena Causer on Wednesday 18th March 2020. She had a history of poor health and passed away peacefully in her sleep Wednesday. Our condolences go to Rena’s family and to Brian Harvey who has lost his dance partner and companion As soon as details are received we will provide more information on arrangements.

   Darrell Stubbs

With great sadness we also report on Sunday 22nd March 2020 Darrell Stubbs passed away after suffering a massive heart attack, from which he could not be resuscitated. Our condolences go to Darrell’s wife Irene and her family on great their loss. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, a direct cremation (an unattended funeral) will take place on the 20th April at 10.30 am. Irene asks that we think about Darrell on that day. Irene would like a celebration of his life to take place at a later date and we will be informed when arrangements have been made. Darrell was a Vice-President of the Club and of the South Eastern Region.  Darrell had a very long association with the Club and his many achievements included Chairman of the Club and of the S.E. Region also many other posts with his DA, the South Eastern Region and Nationally.

What’s been happening in our world during our Covid 19 Lock down

From Sue Moore

For the first few weeks of the Covid 19 Lock Down we got on with all those jobs around the home which needed to be done. The garden has never looked so good.  In our Close we have been going out each Thursday at 8 pm to clap, ring bells, bang saucepans, etc., to thank all our NHS staff and all essential workers  

On V E Day everyone in the Close sat out in their front gardens for afternoon tea. In the evening one of our neighbour’s daughters entertained us playing her guitar, singing songs she had written and some popular songs which we all knew.

On Tuesday 2nd June a new Ruling from the government meant we could go to a park for a walk, so we made arrangements with Jen and Dave to meet up at Leonardslee Gardens.  Unfortunately large amounts of the Spring flowers have passed their best but we enjoyed getting out from these four walls.

We invited Jen & Dave back for a cup of tea in the garden (keeping to the 2 metre rule). We were setting there chatting when suddenly a loud noise started coming from overhead. We looked up to find a very large swarm of bees passing over our heads. We dashed into the bungalow for cover and there Dave spotted they had started to congregate on the Lavender bushes in our front garden. Dave made a quick search of the Internet and found a registered Bee Keeper, just up the road in Handcross.  We phoned and the lady Bee Keeper was very pleased to come and collect them.  

So we really can’t say “we never had anything of interest happen during lock down!” (some pictures are to the left and below)

Sue and George Moore

Eve & Frank: Honours Presented during Coronavirus Lockdown

A proposal from Surrey DA to the South Eastern Region, that Frank Tuck should be recognised for his contributions to the DA, was agreed a few months ago. The original plan was to invite Eve and Frank to the SER Anniversary Meet in May 2020, for an official presentation.

Sadly Coronavirus invaded our Land and forced the Country into Self Isolation and Social Distancing. Unperturbed and following a little easing of some restrictions by the Government, the Regional Chairman Harry Leach and his wife Yvonne made arrangements to visit Eve and Frank, at their home, to make a personal presentation on behalf of the Region.

The Citation for the Region Certificate of Merit was as follows;

Frank and Eve started camping regularly with Surrey DA more than twenty years ago whilst living in the Ascot area, but with a later move to Worthing they became more involved with the DA.   Although never taking a Committee position, Frank & Eve were always there to support DA functions and regularly took on stewarding duties.   

They are never far away when there is work to be done, helping erect or dismantle party tents, at coffee mornings, holiday sites, parties and other DA functions.   For many years they would steward a meet each year, putting on a cheese and wine evening for all who attended. They shopped for as many different flavoured cheeses as they could find, suitable varieties of wine, and despite many offers, would never accept payment as they felt that they were providing something to give back to their friends as members of the Club.   

Frank is also known for his quizzes, finding topics and questions that stretch the mind.   As a loyal DA supporter, Frank was the DA Auditor from 2010 up to the close of the 2018 accounts at the AGM this year and could always be relied on to produce a good report.   After many years active camping, they are now taking more of a back seat position, camping only at longer meets but Surrey DA would like to recognise their unstinting contribution made over the years to the smooth running of so many functions.

Alec McFarland

It is with great sadness we announce the death of Alec McFarland who passed away on Monday 1st June after losing his long battle with cancer and sadly contracted Covid 19 while in hospital.

Many will recall his quiet Scots accent, singing along to his guitar accompaniment and rarely finishing a song before moving on to another. A card of condolence, expressing our thoughts are with Jackie and her family at this sad time, has been sent on behalf of the Committee and members of the DA.

Pat Constance

It is with great sadness we announce the death of Pat Constance who passed away on Friday evening 26th June, aged 97. Pat was the husband of Hazel Constance, Club Vice President and past Club Archivist.

Pat and Hazel were Surrey members for many years and camped with SDA until they moved to Lincolnshire. Keen lightweight campers they camped also with the ALC, Pat eventually becoming President of the Lightweight section.

Their children, Catherine (Katy) and Heather were both Surrey Youth members, and are still campers. Our condolences and thoughts are with Hazel and her family at this sad time.

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