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Tony Mills

It is with great sadness we announce the death of Tony Mills who passed away on Saturday morning 5th September having endured multiple complications to his health for some time, he eventually succumbed to heart failure. His wife Pat and their close family were all with him at the end. Tony was 86 years of age and had been married to Pat for almost 63 years. He was a well respected Plumber by trade.

Tony and Pat joined the Camping Club (as it was then named) in 1964 and they were presented with the Club’s 50 Years membership Certificate in 2016 at Club HQ. Tony and Pat camped with Surrey DA for most of these years and they often Stewarded SDA meets during their early days of camping. In his younger days, Tony was a keen participant in volleyball matches at Surrey DA meets. Tony and Pat regularly took part in Mardi Gras events and although needing a mobility scooter in his latter years, this did not dampen his enthusiasm. We recall him as Father Christmas, complete with ‘Sleigh’ and on another occasion as Noddy with his ‘Noddy Mobile’, his son Chris following on as ‘Big Ears,’ to name a couple. Due to Covid Regulations, Tony’s funeral and burial will take place at his local Church in Tongham but will be limited to a few of his close family members only. We understand Pat has asked for Tributes/Donations to be made in Tony’s name to the Tongham Church. Our thoughts will be with his family at this sad time.

Bosham Temporary Holiday Site 2020

(Working with Covid-19) Stewards Report

When we arrived at Bosham we found the grass had been cut short and the sun was out. We made haste to get our caravans pitched with awnings erected and with all our equipment set out, ready to start the setting up of the “pop up camp” running for the next 28 days.  By this time we were ready for our evening meal, so Dave set up his Barbecue and with sausages cooking nicely, we sat down in the warm evening sun, a glass in hand, to toast for a good turnout over the coming weeks.

The following morning we were up and ready to start setting up the camp site up.  We bundled what we could into Dave’s car, from the storage barn, the rest Jen and I carried back to the camping field. George, Dave and Jen started pegging out whilst I set up the rubbish disposal area. After the main field had been fully pegged out George and I went off to set up the road signs (Red Hands) and the clubs official holiday board at the entrance of the farm.  Alan, Coren, Enya and Mylo arrived after work with the DA’s small marque and some of the Covid 19 signage, for the guidance and safety of the campers.

Friday morning we all were up early to be ready for the first arrivals.  Not to disappoint, the campers started to arrive at around 9.30am and by the end of the day we had around 20 units pitched. Each day that followed more arrived whilst some departed.  We noticed that a number of the campers were just trying out camping, it being their first outing since the Covid shut down. A number of them just staying for a couple of days.

The weather had been fine for the first part of the THS but then on the news, very high winds were forecast for the middle of our holiday meet.  So we informed the campers to expect high winds and to batten down the hatches.  For us, we put more storm guys on our awnings, as the wind was coming from the west, straight into the front of our awnings.  That night the wind really blew rocking our units, by the morning we were pleased to see that there had been no disasters, the wind had eased and all was well.

As there were two sets of stewards, Jen & Dave, George & I, we agreed we would work alternate days according to how many new arrivals were expected each day.  Most days we had a steady flow of about 4 or 6 units a day.  This was fine until the Wednesday before the bank holiday weekend. Knowing we had at 12 Units booked on Wednesday, 18 on Thursday and 21 on Friday, all four of us were on duty each day and that continued until the Sunday.  Luckily Dave and George had pegged out a further 18 pitches in the back ‘over flow’ field, the farmer kindly let us use.

After the bank holiday things became quieter with very few new arrivals, although we still retained a good number of campers.  So, after the Bank Holiday weekend we closed the back field and the pegs and signage were taken out.  The last week the weather change for the better, campers sat out and enjoyed the sun.  Lots of campers had bikes and went off visiting all the different areas and beaches.  Two of my boys Alan, Robert  and their families had been camping and went to Bosham harbour on their bikes or walked several times for crab fishing , line fishing, and swimming.

The last day arrived and we said farewell to the last of the campers.  It had been hard work this year, with all the extra duties, owing to Covid-19 Guidelines we had to follow but we all still enjoyed welcoming the campers and meeting some of our regulars, who come to our site each year.

By Friday evening we had finally closed the site down and taken in all directional signage and temporary barriers.  It was a nice evening as the four of us sat down for our evening meal with a glass in hand.

Thanks to all you campers who made our Temporary Holiday “Pop-up” meet an enjoyable one once again.

Sue Moore Chief Steward

(Amongst all our hectic work managing the site, we found time one evening around dusk, to celebrate Jenny and Dave’s 50th Wedding Anniversary - pictures of this and other views around Bosham THS in the Picture Gallery  < CLICK HERE >

Jenny on Water Point

Sanitising Duty

Dave in Disposal Point

Sanitising PPE

Sue in her PPE prepping Admin

A Visitor’s view of Bosham Temporary Holiday Site 2020

George reflecting on a day’s Pitching Duty

Jenny & Dave’s 50th

Anniversary Celebration

Dear readers

I have just got to tell you all about the well organised welcome my wife and I received upon arrival at Rectory Farm Bosham West Sussex (Surrey DA). But first let me start with the phone call I made to Sue asking if she had room for us. I was told yes plenty of spaces but we must abide by the rules due to Covid 19. I then received an email from Sue containing two A4 pages full of site instructions based around Covid 19.

Back to our arrival at Rectory Farm, we were stopped about 10 metres from the check-in tent by a marshal in a mask, gloves and a face shield. I was asked to put my mask on and walk to the tent, my wife was asked to stay in the motorhome while check-in took place. I was asked to place my membership cards on a table and to step back, payment was by cash only and I was asked to put the money into a bag that was then sealed. All of this ran like clockwork. I was then showed a site plan with pitch numbers and asked to choose a pitch. We were then escorted to the pitch again by a marshal with mask, gloves and a face shield.

All pitches were marked out with pegs with pitch numbers and red and white tape around every pitch. The drinking water stations was cleaned with disinfectant 4 times a day by a marshal wearing a mask, gloves, plastic apron and a face shield. (see picture of the cleaning). The Elsan disposal site was cleaned with disinfectant after every third person who had used it. Again a marshal with mask, gloves and face shield.

Covid – 19 Eat Your Heart Out , as you will never get past Sue and her armed guards.

My wife and I have never seen such a well organised Temporary Holiday Site. Thank you Surrey DA for a Very Hot, Safe and Very Friendly stay at Rectory Farm Bosham.

Andrew and Marilyn Spink.

Ian Masser

It is with great sadness we announce the death of Ian Masser who passed away on 22nd September having succumbed to Cancer. Ian and his wife camped regularly with Surrey DA for many years, together with his children who camped with the CCY. We don’t have any further information at this time.

Barry Ainsworth

It with equal sadness we announce the death of Barry Ainsworth who passed away during the night of Wednesday 7th October, having lost his battle with cancer. Barry and his wife Jenny regularly camped with Surrey DA up until very recently. We don’t have any more information at this time.

Our condolences go the the families of Ian and Barry and our thoughts are with them at this sad time.   



News and Views 2020

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