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News and Views 2021

Trevor Goodwin

It is with great sadness that we record the passing on the 21st of April 2021 of Trevor Goodwin

our President since 2012. Trevor was a former Region chairman from 2007 to 2008, a team leader

at the 1993 NFOL at Hadlow and also the 2006 NFOL at Detling. A hardworking, highly respected,

and well-loved member of the South Eastern Region. He was initially an active member of the

Oldbury Hill Group (DA) until it was disbanded in the 1980’s whereupon he joined and became an

Active member of the London District Association until its demise in 2018 thereby He transferred

his membership to the East Sussex District Association, alongside These memberships he was

also a member of the Kent Group MCS. He was well known around the country for always being

happy and cheerful with an infectious smile and his ability to get things done in a quiet and well

organised manner. He will be missed by everybody who knew him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Pearl and his family at this incredibly sad time.

                        Sue & George Moore - 50 Years

St George’s Day 23rd April was a bit special for our members Sue & George Moore.

The postman delivered a very fragile package containing a framed certificate.

Sue and George have been members of the Camping and Caravanning Club for

50 years but due to the current Covid Regulations they could not be invited to Club

Head Quarters to be presented with their Certificate by the Club Chairman and Staff.

Sue was also presented with her Certificate of Honour in 2016, a reward for her long

Service to Surrey DA and the South Eastern Region, always with George at her side

there To help and Assist.

On 21st May 2021, the Surrey DA Secretary received a list of 50 year memberships for the last 2 years from HQ.

On behalf of Surrey DA we offer our congratulations to all. (Allen noted that we may not know all of them!) 

50 Years in 2020

Mr & Mrs J Collins, Mrs H Newman, Mr & Mrs A Russell, Mr & Mrs M Saich, Mr & Mrs R Barnes, Mr & Mrs P Cornell, Dr & Mrs J Moss, Mr & Mrs J Sutton, Mr & Mrs D Vinson and Miss A Whitmarsh.

50 Years in 2021

Mr P Gorman & Miss A Carnell, Mrs D Darby, Mr & Mrs R Light, Mr & Mrs S Cooles, Mr & Mrs A Halder, Mr & Mrs A Parsons,

Mr & Mrs G Moore, Mr & Mrs J Farley, Mr & Mrs V Alfrey, Mr E Knight, and Mr M Roach.  Others that we know, Mr & Mrs R Lowry and

Miss Heather Constance.

And finally 75 years membership, Mrs A Hanson, and Ms H Allsop

Covid halts Centenary Celebrations at Ewhurst

Once more Surrey DA’s 100 Years Celebrations have had to be postponed until 2022. Jenny and I volunteered to Steward Forest View Farm, Ewhurst for the Strawberry Teas & Party Weekend but with just a couple of weeks to go, the Covid restrictions were extended until after the event. That left us with just another socially distanced pop-up camping weekend instead.

Despite the cancellation of the Celebration Party and a disappointing weather forecast, not all the pre-booked participants pulled out. We hosted 10 caravans and 5 motorhomes for the extended weekend at this quiet, grassy site.

Sue and George, Jenny and I had spent many hours, over the last few months, planning the Forest View Centenary Summer Event, dealing with budgets, catering arrangements, logistics of transporting equipment, planning the site layout, power supplies for the various entertainment requirements, etc. Sadly all was for nothing but we did still decorate our Units with pennons, bunting and party lights. That prompted others, including Peter & Irene, to decorate their units ‘party style’ for the weekend.

Whilst we were unable to provide entertainment on site, the weekend coincided with the Cranleigh Carnival and provided some off-site entertainment instead. Public footpaths run adjacent to the site and many took advantage of this to walk into Cranleigh or explore the surrounding countryside.

A number of campers expressed their disappointment at the cancellation of the Strawberry Teas. That prompted us to suggest; everyone could bring their own strawberry teas and gather, with tables and chairs, in a socially distanced circle around the ‘Flag pole’ instead. Saturday afternoon the do-it-yourself ‘Teas’ proved to be a great success and gave everyone a chance to relax in the warm, sunny afternoon and join in the friendly banter – socially distanced and with less than 30 participants, of course!

By evening the clouds gathered and just as we lit the barbeque, the rain descended. It was just a passing shower but enough to need a brolly to keep the rain from damping down the fire.

News reached us that Sunday morning a car boot sale was to take place nearby. A small number of campers did set off early to try to pick up some bargains. However, we heard later, it was a rather small and disappointing affair, although a couple of bargains were still found.

Jenny and I spent the long weekend tending to the Covid anti-virus control measures and we’d like to thank everyone who took part in the weekend for obeying the extra rules in place, with good heart. Despite the extra work needed, we very much enjoyed the site and the friendliness of all the campers. We just can’t wait for the Covid pandemic to be overcome, so our camping lifestyle can return to some sort of ‘normality’, whatever that may now be!

Jenny and Dave Croney

At the end of February the Government published its ‘Road Map’ to recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

You can view the summary for relaxing Covid-19 Social Distancing Regulations on the website by following the link below. In the summary the details include how, step by step, we hope to be able to return to Social Camping. However the summary does emphasise the various dates for each step of the relaxation of regulation is dependant on the science confirming positive progress in controlling the spread of covid-19…

< Click this link to visit: (summary) >

On the Theme of Covid - here’s some news from ‘locked-down’ campers

Nature Watch 2021.

How many of you have been taking notice of birds and creatures of the wild.  I have heard many people talking about the birds that come to their garden during the winter.  From our patio window we see the usual garden birds, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Bullfinches, Blackbirds, Collard Doves, Wood Pigeons, the ‘spitfires’ of the bird world Starlings and the odd squirrel.  We also have evidence of a fox and Hedgehog but yet to see them.

Quite often we have seen Kites in the sky more often with the Jackdoors attacking them. I am sure this is because Kites eat carrion and with less traffic on the roads they are coming further south for food.

Last week on our way to Dave & Jens place to deliver Jens birthday present, we spotted a very scruffy Buzzard on a branch over hanging the road, we did not realize how big those birds are.

If you have any interesting stories from 2021 about what you have seen whilst we have been in lock down in your garden, write a few words to Dave our web master, it helps the time go by…..

Susan Moore

Saturday 13th March

We received a call from Ray Dixon to say, with regret, he and his wife Rita have had to give up camping and have sold their much loved Motorhome. Ray suffered a debilitating stroke and can no longer drive. He went on to say how much he and Rita enjoyed their many trips to Surrey DA events including being a regular at our Bosham Temporary Holiday Site and their enjoyment in taking part in Jenny’s Craft Events.

It was lovely to chat with them and on behalf of all at Surrey DA we wished them well for the future.

H.R.H. Prince Philip

It with great sadness Buckingham Palace announced, on the morning of 9th April 2021 His Royal Highness Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh, consort to Her majesty Queen Elizabeth, died peacefully at Windsor Castle, at the age of 99. Prince Phillip succeeded George VI on 6th February 1952 as Patron of The Camping and Caravanning Club of GB & I. For all of the next 69 years Prince Philip took an active interest in our Club, attending numerous Club events and with his annual letter of encouragement to our National Annual General Meetings. Our condolences and thoughts are with Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family at this sad time.

Maplehurst Farm 8th - 10th October 2021

The weather forecast for the weekend ahead was fine and it quickly dispelled any unhappy feelings about sitting in a field to steward the Maplehurst Farm Meet on our own.

Having set up all the signs, etc., we opened the site at 10 am on Friday and around 11.30, the first to arrive was Jenny and Dave, followed shortly after by three Motorhome campers. Saturday morning and another two Motorhomes arrived.

Saturday dawned fine and had campers making the most of the autumnal sunshine. Many set off on rambles and the son of one of the campers visited for the day, also setting out with his family into the woods for a ramble.

All of which left Jenny, Dave, George and I sitting in the sun chatting and catching up on some craft work. Later, in the afternoon, Paul & Barbara arrived in their Caravan, staying for just the night, mainly to try out their new Awning. (Which, by the way, fitted and looked very good).

The farmer had advised us not to go too near the Deer Pen Fencing to watch the deer , as it’s the middle of the Rutting Season and the big Stags would probably charge at the fence – they are only looking after their ‘ladies’ after all… It’s quite a noisy time of the year with the Stags braying in the fields all around – just trying to impress the ‘girls’. We also enjoyed the spectacle of a large herd of Deer being moved from their grazing pasture, past our camping field, to the Farmer’s Barns for ‘worming’, apparently a very necessary procedure to keep the herd healthy.

It turned out to be a very pleasant weekend with a total of 8 units camping.

Sue Moore

Sparkling Wine Tasting in the Wine Cellars at Dendies

Early 2019 we went in search of a venue, close to where Surrey DA was inaugurated in 1921. The plan was to arrange a Celebration Dinner for SDA members with invitations to members from the past. A number of places were researched but when it came to the cost, we were disappointed by the very high ‘reservation charge’ we were expected to pay. (Wedding reception style venues proved just too expensive.) So, taking a different tack we checked out a venue very close to where it all began for Surrey DA.

Denbies Wine Estate, not only had a suitable Restaurant style Venue but could also add another dimension by offering a Tour of the Winery and Sparkling Wine tasting. A full evening’s entertainment at a very special price - game on….. Covid-19 got in the way and affected the programme offered by Denbies, so instead of the full tour we had a cinematic presentation followed by a trip to the Wine Cellars to find out what Denbies Sparkling Wines are all about…  Jeremy, Dendies Wine Educator, commenced his presentation a little after 6 pm followed by the Film show. We moved down to the Cellar for the Tasting and later around 7.30pm, we believe everyone agreed that Denbies really do know how to make Champagne style sparkling wines - I don’t think anything was left behind in the bottles when we made our way up to the Gallery Restaurant for Dinner.  

Arriving at the Gallery Restaurant, everyone was surprised by the Table decorations, illuminated miniature trees, each with table numbers in the form of a Tent, with a log stand. Dining places were marked by Blue and Yellow napkins with individual Name Places and personal menu choices. (Painstakingly checked for the correct choices at each place setting).

The Gallery Restaurant Bar was very busy from the start, as everyone ordered and paid for their table wines and beverages. Once everyone settled, Chris Collin’s read Grace, then the fine dining experience began.

A total of Thirty Five diners feasted on a selection of gourmet Starters, Main Courses and Desserts. The wine flowed and everyone enjoyed the comradery and banter around the tables. The restaurant was very nicely filled but without crowding and everyone was delighted with the seating arrangements. Well done to Jenny for getting the mix exactly right, to everyone’s approval.

After dinner and before Coffee was served, Coren reminded everyone about the SDA Centenary Events postponed until next year and made presentations to the two Centenary pennon designers. Sue Moore and Allen Russell. Coren concluded by briefly thanking the organisers of the Denbies Event.

Coffee was served and the lively chatter continued well into the night. It was nearing 11 pm before the first diners declared they were ready to depart, however many were still chatting and enjoying the evening until just before midnight.

(Fortunately no 11 o’clock rule applied here)

For those who stayed at Denbies Hotel, the full English breakfast, next morning, was a real treat.

All together the Event was a great success and our thanks to everyone who took part. Also our appreciation for your personal thanks given to us on the night and messages of thanks sent to us soon after.

Jenny and David Croney

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Socially Distanced Strawberry Tea Party at Forest View

Hilda Billin

With great sadness we record the passing of Hilda Billin. Hilda and her husband Cid were active members of Surrey DA for many years in the 1960’s & 70’s After Sid died, Hilda moved to Battle, where she made lots of friends and joined the horticultural society enjoying growing and showing her fuchsias. Hilda also joined a knitting group who always met in a pub. Ian wrote that it was just like mum, enjoying a sherry and knitting!

Hilda suffered with dementia for the last few years and her son Ian and daughter Janet reluctantly moved her into a residential care home, for her own safety. She would often leave her house and walk into town, leaving doors open and not having a coat. Fortunately she had a lot of friends in Battle and was always helped back home. Hilda’s condition worsened quickly over the last couple of weeks of her life. leading to her losing the battle with dementia. We offer Ian & Janet and their families our sincere condolences for their loss and our thoughts and prayers are with them all at this very sad time.

Ros Russell

News has reached us that Ros, suffered a serious fall in her new Motorhome whilst at camp on Friday (4th July) and fractured her femur. Paramedics had a difficult task getting Ros out of the motorhome before taking her to The Conquest Hospital, Hastings. Ros was later transferred to St Richards after an operation to set her leg. Ros is now back at home but is wheelchair bound. The South Eastern Region Council Chairman Alan Armstrong presented Ros with a large hanging basket bursting with beautiful blooms and get well soon wishes from the Region. Wishing Ros a speedy recovery from all at Surrey D.A.

Surrey DA Autumn Centenary Meet

Despite earlier planned Centenary events being cancelled or postponed to next year,  Surrey DA were able to hold their Autumn event, the five day Lamb Roast meet at Butcherland Farm, Ebernoe.

Over 50 units attended, most enjoying a games and quiz night in the barn Friday evening, and on Saturday all sat down to a lamb roast supper which was followed by an evening of entertainment by singer Alex Turner with disco interludes and dancing led by Alan and Robert Moore.

Sunday, the cakes (noted in the programme as 100 year old!) were cut at the coffee morning by Club Vice President and past archivist, Hazel Constance, who was a regular DA member in the 1960’s.

The Chairman, Coren Moore made presentations of Centenary pennons to Hazel Constance and to Alice Whittington for the opportunity to camp at her late father’s farm and the delicious Lamb Roast that she and Bruce prepared for us all.

Alan Moore also took the opportunity to present the runners up certificate for Youth Achiever of the Year to Enya Moore.

A display of some DA and Club memorabilia and the DA photo albums which have been kept up to date since 1927 proved popular with members.  Campers were also reminded of the many past rallies by the numerous pennons being flown by members on site.

Thanks to the stewards, and their helpers for the smooth running of the meet and the preparation of the food to feed more than 100 guests.  Thanks also to all those who attended, without whom the weekend would not have been so successful.

Allen Russell

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Ecclesdon Farm August THS

We arrived on site Thursday around lunch time and had a bite to eat before setting up our awning.

Jen and Dave then arrived so we stopped to make a cup of tea. After, it was back to finishing the job of unloading our caravan, into the awning and setting up an ‘office’ to book in the campers.

After our evening meal we put out all the red hands, information signs and Covid-19 signs, ready for the campers to arrive next morning. Where we were pitched, at the top of the field, it gave us great views of the setting sun each evening

On the first day 6 units arrived and over the next few days the field really started to fill up all around the edges. Over the bank holiday weekend we had a big family booked. You may remember the late Pam & John Merritt. .As a family they used to camp at Ecclesdon farm, with London DA, for their summer holidays each year. We learned Pam and John’s ashes had been scattered at Ecclesdon Farm and the family made a big effort to make this year a final good bye. The farm will be in the hands of new tenants later this year, so from September it’s unlikely anyone will be able to camp there again.

Campers came and went during the three weeks of the T.H.S but we were never over crowded. Many Campers went for walks, enjoyed the surrounding countryside. Lots took to walking to Angmering and stopping for a meal at the Spotted Cow pub. Jen and Dave covered for us on the day all our family went to the beach. Our boys Alan, Christopher and Robert all spent an hour or so in the sea having great fun together, (I tried to get into the sea but found it too cold. I have to say, our boys and our all grandchildren had wet suits but I only had my swimming costume).

All too soon we were saying good bye to the last of the campers, so down came our awnings, all the signs were taken in and the site left tidied up. All together a good three weeks of camping, if a little noisy at times, with the busy main road at the bottom of the hill and a car racing circuit just the other side of the main road .

Susan Moore, Site Steward



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