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Countryside Code - including Code for Campers and Code for Caravans

Common Sense Rules

Surrey District Association is a Local Unit of The Camping & Caravanning Club Ltd and in accordance with many other Clubs and Organisations, has adopted a policy of observing Common Sense Rules and Codes of Conduct to ensure everyone enjoys the experience of outdoor living.

Sometimes it is necessary to remind folk, as members of The Club, they are bound by these Rules for their’s and everyone else’s benefit.

In the unlikely event it is found necessary to confirm the proper procedure when faced with a dispute, antisocial behaviour or bad practice, help in the form Guidelines have been published by the Club. These Codes and Guidelines can be downloaded via the links below;    

Common Sense Rules - guidelines for camping at a Meet or Temporary Holiday Site

Some guidance on your submissions to this website;

Space permitting and with appropriate content, your pictures and news stories will always be included but please consider the privacy and reticence of subjects when taking candid pictures. Aerial photography, involving the operation of Drones, must only be carried out fully in accordance with National Safety Codes and Camping and Caravanning Club rules.

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