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Alan and Coren Moore have been elected by the committee to be the Youth Leaders for this DA, we have been youth leaders for over 15 years and were once youth members ourselves, a long time ago though!

The Camping Club Youth Section or CCY for short aims to promote enjoyment of camping by providing a positive and fun experience, to camp in an area dedicated to the youth section.

All Youth Leaders including ourselves are DBS checked, we will give time to set in place some activities for you as the Youth member. We will give training to help you to develop the skills which will lead towards the taking of the C.C.Y. camping test, which once passed allows you to camp unsupervised on club sites and also to continue in the youth section after you are 18 up to the age of 21.

With the C.C.Y. you will have the chance to travel, not just around Great Britain, but Europe as well, with regional, national and international youth rallies taking place each year.

The Camping Club Youth membership is FREE for Youth members aged between 12 and 17 years. Upon passing the Youth Test by your 18th birthday you will continue to enjoy free CCY membership until your 21st birthday, and then you will pay a reduced “Senior Youth” membership fee of £21.00 until you reach 30 (Instead of a family membership of £37.00 online or £42.00 paper membership).

For further information on the CCY or to join then please visit

We look forward to seeing you on the field somewhere.

 Alan and Coren Moore

 Surrey DA youth leaders

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Camping Club Youth (CCY)

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